Poetry Zoo / Zoologico
De Poemas
Poetry Zoo
Zoologico de Poemas

What is English and Spanish and colorful all over?
Margarita Montalvo, smiling broadly, is dressed in a shirt adorned
with colorful butterfly from her book, "Poetry Zoo / Zoologico de
Poemas" Just one example from her magical
story on how she wrote her poetry, illustrated her book and even
published it in 2002.
Like a butterfly, the book took off. She communicated her
enthusiasm while giving presentations to children at Albuquerque
public schools and the National Hispanic Cultural Center. Montalvo
traveled to her presentations and booksignings as far away as
Buenos Aires and the Canary Islands. She says she surprised
herself by selling out of all her copies.
Scholastic Publications has approached her about her book of verse
and published it in 2005 for third to fifth graders. The book has won
the 2005 Latino Book Award for the best Bilingual Picture Book
Along the way, Montalvo was invited to talk about her success at the
Latino Writer Conference at Albuquerque's National Historic National
Center in 2005 and 2006.
Margarita Montalvo has lived and worked in Albuquerque for many
years. She is a translator, certified court interpreter, painter and
member of the South West Writers, "Poetry Zoo" is a wonderful
showcase for her linguistic and artistic skills. This volume of
illustrated poems will charm children in both English and bilingual
settings while helping teachers, parents and grandparents,
communicate compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and responsibility
without preaching.
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